2024 Session:
June 26 - July 31

Summer Reading

Schools that require summer reading expect that reading will be a daily activity commencing at the conclusion of the school year and continuing until the project has been completed. Wolfeboro does not assume responsibility for every student’s summer reading assignment but will support the project in one of two ways:

Summer Reading

Designed For: Required for all students. The program is provided as a supplementary service and is not a graded course. In addition to this option, a student must take a three-core course program.

Program Details:

Each student is assigned a summer reading monitor. The monitor does the following:
  • Meets with the student two times per week during one of the student’s morning study periods.
  • Tracks and records the student’s progress, encourages continued reading, addresses unusual difficulties as needed and provides a quiet time for reading or study.
Most students make good progress with their assigned summer reading through this system. Since progress is at the student’s discretion, the extent of progress while at Wolfeboro can clearly vary and is dependent upon motivation and reading ability.

Summer Reading 2

Designed For: The occasional student with a challenging required reading assignment; the student who will be overwhelmed with three-core courses in addition to a summer reading requirement. 

This course is considered one of the student’s three allotted courses. Accordingly, students will receive weekly grades and teacher reports. End-of-session grades as well as reports will be sent to parents.

It is anticipated that very few students will be enrolled in Summer Reading 2. Offered as demand allows.

Course Expectations:
  • Course meets six days per week.
  • Includes a minimum one-hour daily preparation to include reading as well as a written component.
  • Extensive in-class activities to include discussion of nightly reading, response writing and journal entries.
  • Careful completion of any related essays or reports as stipulated by the student’s individual school.
  • A strong emphasis on the development of active reading strategies essential for improved reading comprehension.
Materials: Titles as required by the student’s school. Parents are to provide two copies of each required book; if needed, the second copy will be charged to the student’s personal expense account. Additional organizational and support materials may be required by the teacher.

All reading courses can be taken for credit and/or skill-building purposes.

At the time of application, parents are asked to submit complete school records which should include a measure of the student’s current reading ability. All students enrolled in reading will be administered a Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test at the beginning and the end of the program.

In addition to in-class activities and out-of-class exercises for each student in the reading program, all students are expected to read a minimum of one hour per day from a book chosen in conjunction with both the reading teacher and the student. The purpose of this additional reading is to help students develop the habit of reading and to learn to read for pleasure. Books include fiction, adventure, mystery and sports stories. Informal comment is encouraged as a student progresses through the book, but no written review is demanded. Most students will read approximately 30 pages per day.

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